Nepumuk and his Friends 2019

The donkey Nepumuk said GOODBYE!

After 19 performances with the story “Nepumuk and his friends” in the years 2017 / 2018 / 2019 Nepumuk says byebye!

After working with around 300 recorder pupils, 20 recorder teachers and over 1000 listeners (including a lot of little children) the project has finished. PrimaFlautina is satisfied with this success.

Now PrimaFlautina turn towards new challenges — see projects!


The donkey Nepumuk is happy that in January / February 2019 he will again be able to tell many young and old listeners about the adventures he is experiencing. He secretly has great fun when he sees the children in the auditorium listening attentively to the exciting story.
Who is calling desperately for help in the middle of a great storm?
Can Nepumuk Adara, who can’t swim, save herself from the high waves?
Who are Nepumuk’s new friends?
All these questions and much more, Nepumuk, together with many recorder kids and PrimaFlautina, will tell, play, sing!

Students and teachers together on stage!

In the third season too, music and recorders with all their facets are the centre of attention. Newly composed songs and pieces from the recorder lessons as well as works from old and current composers are being presented. PrimaFlautina is being supported by the regional music schools Dübendorf (MRD), Männedorf and Zürcher Oberland (MZO).

Duration: 60 minutes, Language: German

Concerts: Flyer 2019 (German only)