Image: Nepumuk – Last impressions of season 1

Last impressions of the 1st season (9 performances) of the musical fairy tale “The little donkey Nepumuk”. Images from the performances in Rüti, Wald and Schwerzenbach.

After thinking long and hard and weighing the pros and cons, we arrived unanimously at the conclusion to do a 2nd season with the donkey “Nepumuk and his friends”. The constinuous success – in 7 of 9 performances with full house – showed us that the concept behind the fairy tale is a good one: recorder pupils that are living at a location where the performance takes place and their teacher play on the same stage together with professional musicians. We will write a new story with new songs. However, what new adventures Nepumuk will experience and which new friends he’ll get to know, we’re not going to tell you yet. The 2nd season will start Mid-January 2018.