PrimaFlautina was founded in 2016

Who is PrimaFlautina?

  • A group of professional musicians in variable line-up enthusiastic about recorders
  • Moving around in the fascinating world of recorder sounds
  • Professionally playing musical instruments on all types of recorders
  • For sound enrichment, we use further instruments such as:  viola da gamba, Bass-Streichpsalter, Csakan, tin whistle, crumhorns, Gemshorn, dulcian, Hümmelchen, Rauschpfeife, Renaissance-Bass-Rankett, shrutibox, ocarina, washboard, percussion
Gruppe Bild 1

from left to right: Lea Kyburz, Miriam Mager, Andrea Bernhard, Käthi Lindenmann


  • To fill children, adolescents, adults with enthusiasm for the recorder
  • To show that the instrument recorder is completely up-to-date (Elody, Eagle)
  • To show that many musical styles are possible: classic, world music, rock-pop-jazz, folk music, contemporary

from left to right: Miriam Mager, Andrea Bernhard, Käthi Lindenmann, Lea Kyburz