Images: Total Commitment for Nepumuk!

It’s the last rehearsal by PrimaFlautina for the project Nepumuk. Early in the morning, darkness, winter cold! The 180 cm long sub bass and the C-bass have to come along, nevertheless, we decide to go by public transport. Hauling great weights is necessary!
The boarding of the train works without problems – there aren’t many people around. For the short way, we remain standing. Arrival in Wetzikon: no difficulties getting off. After a short bus ride, we carry the instruments right in front of the still closed entrance door of MZO and are happy to have reached our destination. During the rehearsal for the musical fairy tale Nepumuk, we realize very soon that the energy-sapping engagement of transporting the lower instruments was well worth it. 🙂 Käthi Lindenmann

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